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Watershed Stewards Academy

WSAThe mission of the Watershed Stewards Academy is to develop citizen leaders to foster community change for clean waters.

We build capacity in Anne Arundel County by training Master Watershed Stewards to help neighbors reduce pollution in our local creeks and rivers. Our hands-on certification course gives Stewards the tools to implement change in their communities, turning knowledge into action. Stewards work with their communities to install projects such as rain gardens or conservation landscapes and to reduce pollution at its source. Collectively, these small, community based actions are improving the health of the larger Chesapeake Bay watershed.

What We've Achieved

Since 2009, WSA has certified over 160 Master Watershed Stewards from Brooklyn Park to Herring Bay. Each year, these Stewards collaborate with neighbors, businesses, schools and each other to install HUNDREDS of projects that reduce pollution in our rivers and streams. In 2016, Stewards collectively:

Working together these volunteers have:

Uniquely structured to empower communities to take actions to improve local waterways, WSA is: 

A Laboratory of Innovation
Our curriculum has been developed in partnership with the Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center of the Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Steward candidates learn the hard sciences of stormwater management, proper plant selection, site assessment, and more. They are also trained in social science so they can skillfully communicate and engage their communities. We are constantly innovating to update our curriculum as we reach out to new segments of the population and stay in step with the latest thinking in watershed restoration.

A Hub of Connection
WSA serves as the hub where anyone interested in working on water protection in Anne Arundel County can come together with like-minded people. First-time volunteers connect with their local Stewards. Our Consortium of technical experts supports the Stewards and actively shares best practices. Our annual conference brings together the whole network, as do frequent informal gatherings. In many ways throughout the year, we provide the place to plug in.

A Strong Partnership
Born in 2008 as a partnership of the County’s Public Schools and Department of Public Works, WSA today is a true public-private partnership. Our focus is on the two-thirds of property in the County that is privately owned. We are organized as a non-profit 501(c)(3), raising private sector resources while continuing to work in partnership with the County to bring about better public understanding of our individual responsibilities to help manage stormwater runoff. WSA was built on the idea of the Master Gardener Program, training individuals who then volunteer in their communities, giving lectures, conducting outreach, and organizing projects.



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