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Severn River Association

severn river associationFounded in 1911, the Severn River Association (SRA) is the oldest, continuously operating river group in the nation working year round to make sure future generations can fish, crab, and swim in clean water as well as to simply enjoy the deep red-clay cliffs that stand guard over the Severn River.

SRA educates and empowers citizens and their communities so they can take action themselves to protect their watershed and their quality of life.

To do this, SRA sponsors the monthly Educational Series to discuss the various pollutant and development challenges to the Severn River.

In the river itself, SRA volunteers plant over 750,000 oysters a year to help filter the river, volunteers track the return of underwater grasses, collect water quality monitoring data, patrol the river and promote recreational activities in and on the water.

One of SRA’s most popular programs is the citizen volunteer army that raises oysters.


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