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Back Creek Conservancy

Back Creek is the easternmost of the four creeks in Annapolis, flowing into the mouth of the Severn River. Physically it is similar to a couple of thousand other creeks in the Chesapeake Bay, but it is unique because it has become the center of the recreational boating industry in Annapolis. The 13 marinas and more than 50 other maritime businesses operate along the shore are the source of some 2,000 jobs. More than 1,700 boats are moored in the creek, now at full capacity.

Unfortunately, this intensive development has come with a price: Back Creek’s waters are impaired because of excessive nutrients, sediment, and toxins; underwater grasses have vanished, and most of the crabs and fish are gone.

Your donation of $100 or more during Green Give will help the Back Creek Conservancy achieve its vision: by 2025 we can swim in the creek without fear of illness; it is a thriving creek with fish, crabs, aquatic vegetation, and other wildlife; a creek where neighbors, marine professionals, and recreational boaters work together for improved water quality; a creek that is resilient to the impacts of climate change; and a creek that makes us proud to be part of America’s Sailing Capital.

We work through collaboration. The Conservancy’s participation in the GreenGive is just one example of continuous efforts. In 2015 we launched the Annapolis Watersheds Network, bringing together six local watershed groups to focus on stormwater issues in the City of Annapolis. In 2016 we formed a coalition of 15 organizations to apply for a No Discharge Zone for boats in Anne Arundel County waters. This year we created the Chesapeake Conservation Drone Users Group, with 19 organizations in Maryland and Virginia.

We do Citizen Science through an acclaimed summer internship program focused on water quality monitoring.

An Action Plan for the watershed is our main achievement so far, setting priorities among 26 neighborhoods for better stormwater management and stream restoration.

Shoreline Stewardship helps us guide waterfront property owners to invest in green infrastructure to increase resilience to storms and promote wildlife habitat.

Safe and Healthy Boating is central to our mission. Our sonar scan of the entire creek shows 40 objects on the bottom including a dozen “ghost” crab pots, two sunken skiffs, and what appears to be a refrigerator. This summer we will recover all of this and dispose of it properly in the landfill.

Help us to Speak for the Creek by making a donation of $100 or more through the GreenGive.



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