June 12-13

Welcome to the GreenGive, a new, 24-hour online fundraising and engagement-building initiative for 11 environmental non-profits in Anne Arundel County. Its purpose is to both raise funds and expand residents’ and businesses’ engagement with local environmental organizations, issues, projects and actions. It’s the first time multiple environmental nonprofits have collaborated on such an event!

GreenGive Partners

Collective Impact

GreenGive embraces the concept of collective impact – the idea that the most successful organizations maximize the power of people and organizations by working together.

Fostering collaboration helps organizations share resources and ideas, learn new approaches, engage others in their causes and coordinate actions across sectors to achieve high impact. GreenGive encourages everyone to become a force for the Greener Good.

The GreenGive will begin at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 12, and will continue for 24 hours.

A link to the donations page will be posted here when it goes live on June 12.

Pick Two!

In the lead up to GreenGive, the 11 Partners will mobilize their constituents through email and social media to become a force for the greener good in Anne Arundel County by learning more about each of the 11 organizations. Then, supporters will be encouraged to Pick 2 organizations to donate to during GreenGive.

Information about how to make donations will be posted here shortly.

We have a Match!

An anonymous family foundation has offered to match – dollar for dollar – any donation of $100 or more that comes in through the GreenGive – up to $10,000 per organization! Your donation of $100 or more will be doubled!

Kick-off Party

The 11 organizations will host a kick-off celebration, the GreenGive Live, at Historic London Town & Gardens in Edgewater on June 12 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Registration & details.

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GreenGive Partners

annapolis green logo	Annapolis Green believes in thinking globally while acting locally. Our mission is to connect, inform, and inspire Annapolis residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful, thriving community. As a Keep America Beautiful affiliate, we have leveraged the power of that organization, and its proven expertise in Litter Prevention, Waste Reduction & Recycling, and Beautification. We engage the community online, on the air via our weekly interview radio program, in person with our signature Green Drinks Annapolis gatherings and in our community center/office, and in action through our Responsible Events & Festivals (Green REF) initiative that has made a huge difference in our community, assisting event organizers, sites and attendees be more responsible on the go.

Seeing the power of partnerships, we strive to work with and celebrate the work of like-minded organizations whenever possible.

back creek conservancy logoThe Back Creek Conservancy improves, conserves, and speaks for Annapolis’s Back Creek and its watershed, to make it a healthier place to live, work, and play in harmony with nature.

Annapolis is the center of Maryland’s recreational boating scene and is known as America’s Sailing Capital. Polluted waterways cannot coexist with this vision of Annapolis.

The conservancy promotes citizen advocacy on behalf of the waterways to improve water quality. Conventional wisdom has it that 1,500 recreational vessels are stored or moored in the Back Creek. This is a great challenge and opportunity for Green boating education, maintaining Annapolis as a world-class yachting destination with the economic benefits that brings.

friends of anne arundel county trailsThe purpose of the Friends of Anne Arundel County Trails is to promote, protect and enhance the public trails throughout Anne Arundel County.

As an all-volunteer non-profit, we cobble together community resources to provide benches, plants, bushes, trees, gardens and art along our system. We involve people of all ages with hands on experiences in gardening, conservation techniques and improving water quality, as well as the promotion of better health through hiking and biking.

our creeks & conservancy logoThe mission of Our Creeks & Conservancy is to educate, empower, engage and employ underserved communities in environmental conservation and sustainability.

This regional nonprofit organization orchestrates active involvement of underserved communities in environmental conservation through a number of programs in partnership with a several other local environmental organizations and is an outreach partner of the Mount Olive Community Life Center.

st lukes restoration of nature logoIn 2017, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will begin construction on a comprehensive watershed restoration initiative on Back Creek. The project will follow Chesapeake Bay Program guidelines and use nature’s own technology to clean and filter 28 acres of urban stormwater runoff that currently flows directly into the creek through a municipal pipe system.

Components of the project include curb cuts, native trees and plants, a regenerative stream channel, wetlands, tidal marsh, and a living shoreline, all of which will aid in restoring the health of the Bay.

The final result will be a restored ecosystem that reduces pollution and sediment entering the creek, provides abundant food and shelter for wildlife, and creates quality green space for the community, including an environmental education campus for teaching stewardship of creation.

spa creek conservancy logoThe of Spa Creek Conservancy is an all-volunteer watershed organization committed to restoring Spa Creek through education, preservation, mitigation, and restoration.

Our vision is to be a model organization for restoring and protecting an urban watershed. 

We have implemented projects at businesses, churches, schools, communities, street-end parks and in the Creek itself with more than $7.5 million in grants from federal, state, local and watershed funders.

We continue to educate the community via hikes through the Creek headwaters, communicating and explaining water quality testing results, hosting community events and celebrating Spa Creek with our annual PaddleFEST fundraiser. 

scenic rivers land trust logoThe Scenic Rivers Land Trust works with landowners and other partners to preserve natural and scenic areas in Anne Arundel County. We accomplish this work through the education of landowners, community leaders, and public officials about voluntary techniques for protecting and preserving land.

We also identify, monitor and protect priority natural areas in the watersheds of the Severn, South, West, Rhode and Patuxent rivers. By accepting, managing and facilitating land protection agreements we permanently conserve land, oversee stewardship of our natural resources and help protect the water quality of the Chesapeake Bay.

severn river association logoFounded in 1911, the Severn River Association is the oldest, continuously operating river group in the nation working year round to make sure future generations can fish, crab, swim in clean water as well as to simply enjoy the deep red-clay cliffs that stand guard over the Severn River. 

SRA educates and empowers citizens and their communities so they can take action themselves to protect their watershed and their quality of life. 

SRA sponsors a monthly Educational Series to discuss various pollutant and development challenges to the Severn River. In the river itself, SRA volunteers raise and plant over 750,000 oysters a year to help filter the river, volunteers track the return of underwater grasses, collect water quality monitoring data, patrol the river and promote recreational activities in and on the water.

south river federation logoThe South River Federation’s mission is to protect, preserve, restore and celebrate the South River and its interdependent living community.

We believe in a holistic approach to cleaning up the South River. We utilize all available tools, ranging from scientific water quality monitoring, to rain garden installation, to large-scale stream restoration, to one-on-one landowner education. 

Our restoration efforts are locally focused and are driven and informed by sound science.

WSAThe Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy envisions an Anne Arundel County in which  every community is actively engaged to ensure clean waters. 

We are working toward our vision by restoring waterways of Anne Arundel County through an innovative educational model that has rallied communities from Brooklyn Park to Herring Bay. Our rigorous training program has prepared more than 180 Master Watershed Stewards to lead communities to action for cleaner waters. 

In just a few short years, Stewards have implemented hundreds of in the ground projects and motivated thousands of citizens to make a real difference for our local waterways.    

west/rhode riverkeeperThe West/Rhode Riverkeeper works to protect families and communities by stopping pollution. We strive for healthy and safe rivers and streams. We work together with communities to enforce environmental law, promote restoration, and advocate for better environmental policy.

We are a licensed member of Waterkeeper Alliance, an international movement of on-the-water advocates who patrol and protect over 100,000 miles of rivers, streams and coastlines in North and South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Our programs include, but are not limited to: our pump-out boat, river patrols, water quality monitoring, watershed assessments, oyster restoration and septic system upgrades.